Banxa is a financial technology platform. Banxa is not a bank / authorized deposit taking institution.

Pricing that works for you


Access a complete crypto payments platform with simple pricing.

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  • Check Arrow Fees charged directly to the user. See more.
  • Check Arrow Basic commission structure

*Pricing is subject to different package options and anticipated volumes from your application.


Design a custom monetization package for your business.

Available for businesses with large payments volume, high value transactions, or unique business models.

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Simple and transparent pricing

We handle the entire fee and settlement flow

Competitive Percentage Spread

We deduct a competitive percentage spread from the end customer's order amount, based on referral volume.

Direct Payment Processing Fee

Our payment processing fee is charged by our PSP vendors and passed directly on to the end customer.

Transparent Network Fee

The network fee is charged by the security providers of the underlying protocol, such as miners or validators, and is passed directly on to the end customer. We ensure transparency in these fees.