Banxa is a financial technology platform. Banxa is not a bank / authorized deposit taking institution.

Connecting the fiat to crypto world

EffortlesslyBridge bridge the gap between traditional finance and the blockchain

By eliminating the complexity of multiple steps and intermediaries, OpenRamp offers a streamlined solution for on & off ramping, enabling users to effortlessly transition between traditional financial systems and the decentralized blockchain world.

Supports all EVM compatible chains

Simplifying fiat-to-smart contract transactions

The possibilities are endless as we help you unlock the full potential of decentralized applications and smart contracts, all while enjoying the convenience and simplicity of fiat-to-crypto conversions.

Expand your

Unlock a wider audience by removing barriers for non-crypto users, allowing them to seamlessly access and utilize your services without the complexity of navigating the crypto ecosystem.

Build true crypto
SaaS products

Empower non-crypto companies to effortlessly integrate with your product, offering them the ability to tap into the crypto economy without the need to hold or manage any cryptocurrency balances.

Forget about

Experience hassle-free transactions with Banxa and leave behind the complexities of gas fees and transaction costs, as Banxa takes care of handling and capturing all necessary fees within the fiat transaction process, providing a cost-effective experience for your users.

Fiat rails capability

Enable customers to interact with smart contract applications directly with credit card and local payment methods, drastically simplifying the user journey, and increasing share of your mainstream user adoption.

OpenRamp flow

The fiat-to-crypto flow, but without the hops

1 Customer

Your customer will navigate to Banxa from your platform to deposit crypto into a smart contract you define.

2 Banxa

Banxa will take care of the fiat payments, crypto conversions and deposit the customer’s crypto straight into the smart contact.

3 Smart Contract

You can define and update the smart contract address from your self-service Partner Dashboard at any time.

Powering leaders in our industry

See for yourself, how our integration with The Graph has created an entirely new way to empower projects

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